This is a post about one of the core concepts of 100state: the 100state of mind.

It often defies explanation, but there’s something magical about that state of mind when you’re completely on a roll in life and can’t seem to do anything wrong.

Some people study it- researching focus, coordination or neuroscience and educating themselves on the science of it. Others find it in sports- getting ‘in the zone’ and ‘dialing in’ to hit that buzzer-beating shot. The spiritually inclined find their 100state through yoga and meditation, and artists and musicians through their medium of expression and creation.  Personally, I find it when I’m freestyling, playing soccer, brainstorming ideas or having a great conversation with trusted friends.

However we each find that state, and regardless of how we describe it, everyone has had at least a fleeting glimpse of a state of mind that just plain rocks. And just about every great artist, entrepreneur, thought-leader and innovator gives it credit for their work.

At 100state, we want to be in that state of mind as much as possible so we can do great things for ourselves, our community and the world. We think being around others who pursue it and support us along the way helps… and we’re pretty sure it only comes around when you’re doing something you love and are passionate about, which is why we encourage our members to pursue their ideal lifestyle, and do our best to support and develop their opportunities while they do.

We’re early and we have a long way to go… but already our team and early members have been finding our 100state more and more consistently. We feel pretty great about the people who’ve been adding to our community, and we can only imagine what will happen on the adventure to come!