We recently started the tradition of attending Concert on the Square every Wednesday and in just a few weeks it’s turned out to be one of our favorite weekly events and the Grateful Dead like following is slowly amassing. It’s something we look forward to every week at 100state and we want to open it up to other great people like yourself to create a community of some of Madison’s best and brightest minds gathering.
Last week we had a great turnout of 25+ people at the 100state Concert on the Square party filled with food, drinks, laughs and fun! Our “weekly spot” is across the street from Brocach and Subway – we lay our blankets early (the rules allow blanket laying anytime after 3pm), start to gather at 6:15pm and music starts at 7. Above is a picture of our huge tarp we lay out and encourage you to lay your blankets nearby to hang out with us! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of the 100state COTS fun!
We would love to see you there and please feel free to bring friends, entrepreneurs, freelancers and cool people to co-locate with us!