A Transformative Experience: 100arts Debuts Official Gallery at New Year’s Expo

100arts gallery opening

100staters enjoying the music at stArt


by Sam Owens

Brent Gerlach and the100arts team shared a creative vision for the 100state workspace. The 100arts director and his team imagined how art could transform both the external image and the internal energy of the workspace. 100arts unveiled this bold vision at their January 3, 2015 exhibition, titled “stArt: A New Year’s Expo of Disillusions.”

The stArt expo featured the debut of 100arts’ official gallery, which included murals by Ady Stahl, Kailey Barthel, and Mike Lroy (artists-in-residence), portraits by Noah Willman, and a number of other aesthetically electric pieces, crafted by some of Madison’s brightest young artists. In addition to the gorgeous display of visual arts, the stArt Expo featured performing artists, a live DJ, face painting, and the birth of a new dance step premiered by lyricist Willie Wright.

100arts’ purpose behind the gallery was to vitalize the workspace, while opening an artistic pathway for the Madison community to interact with 100state members. “Prior to the art, while we’ve got a fantastic membership base, there wasn’t much of a reason for the community to stop on by,” stated Brent. “Now, with the gallery, the community is welcome to stop by, see some art, and learn what 100state is all about.”

Artist: Christy Grace

“A New Tunnel” by Christy Grace

“Expo of Disillusions” was packed to the hilt (so many coats, we broke the coat rack!). Anchored by the endearing wit of emcee Sabrina “Progress” Madison, and masterfully captured by Hedi LaMarr Rudd (photography) and BreSocial (social media), the 100arts gallery debut was truly a night to remember.

For your viewing pleasure, the 100arts gallery will be open to the public from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Look out for 100arts’ next gallery rotation, which is scheduled for May 1, 2015.






Mike Lroy (Artist in Res)

Kailey Barthel (Artist in Res)

Ady Stahl (Artist in Res)

Theo Howard

Stephen Conrad

Jennika Bastian

Jenny Guenn Quilty Moore

Brota Oroian

Christy Grace

Noah Willman

Ilana Natasha

Christopher Sheehan

Restrepo Leather


Tosland Hopkins

Bronson Taalbi


New Nature Collective

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