Yesterday the Wisconsin State Journal published a Q&A with 100state’s Executive Director Greg St. Fort. It’s an exciting look at the current state and future direction of 100state (the largest coworking space in Wisconsin) and all the reason the community continues to grow every day.

A few highlights from Greg’s side of the conversation:

  • “There’s a lot of work getting done at 100state.Export Abroad, a company that does data analytics for manufacturing companies, was at the first White House demo day and met the president. It was a really good thing for Madison as a city, let alone for 100state.”
  • “This is probably the most diverse experience you’re going to have in Madison, like THE most.”
  • “While New York City’s entrepreneurial scene is more developed, Madison’s entrepreneurial scene is new and fresh.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is a high-risk move, no matter what. But if you gain support, it becomes sustainable.”

Check out the full interview here. And (borrowing the name of Greg’s own company for a moment), let’s keep building!