We are excited to launch our blockchain incubator, 100crypto. Our incubator was started by 100state’s Jason Tham. 100state members Sandra Bradley, the founder of Hyper Innovation lab, and Sean Rice and Eli Krenzke are also working on blockchain projects in the space.

100crypto will support:

– Innovation of blockchain technology

– Rapid Learning of blockchain technology

– De-risking investments of blockchain technology
We were featured on the Captimes today.

From the article

It is a thing at 100state, which is rapidly becoming ground zero for the local blockchain community with investors, developers, analysts, students, businesses and miners converging on the shared workspace.

Jason Tham is jumping in with both feet. With the help of his cryptocurrency earnings, he quit his job at Epic Systems and opened up an incubator space at 100state for people interested in starting blockchain businesses. And he’s preparing to launch a startup that will support blockchain networks. He hopes his ventures will bolster the Madison blockchain community.

“There’s no reason that Madison should not be a big player in this upcoming market,” he said. “We’ve got a great computer science program at UW, we have a lot of smart computer people from Epic who are sticking around here, and there’s a growing amount of investment in the city. So I think it would be a big missed opportunity if we weren’t well organized.”

At Hyper Innovation, Bradley and her staff have been running seminars for businesses that want to know more about blockchain. Her clients include Wisconsin-based firms like Lands’ End, CUNA Mutual Group, WPS Insurance and American Family Insurance.

“We really want to help think through the business problems and, first and foremost, help them sort out whether blockchain’s even a thing for them, which it might not be,” she said.

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Photo by Michelle Stocker

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