About 43% of Americans work remotely. While there are certainly benefits to this type of work, there are also challenges presented when working alone. This is where coworking spaces, such as 100state, come in- a resource for both independent work as well as joint effort where entrepreneurs, remote workers and startups can find space to elevate their work.

  1. Collaboration and Networking
    Coworking allows you to work alongside a wide array of people with different skill sets and problem solving approaches that you would otherwise not have access to working from home. People working in all sorts of fields, with diverse experiences, are a great resource for overcoming potential obstacles or problems you may run into. It’s also a great way to meet potential partners and clients.
  2. More effective work
    Working alongside other people increases effectiveness, due to the constant buzz of others working on their own projects. This helps with accountability, helping you make sure that you stay motivated and on track with your own work.
  3. Separating your work life from your home life
    Much like coworking helps you get work done more efficiently, it also helps you create boundaries between you life at work and your life at home. Working from home presents the opportunity for distractions, whether its from being distracted by the tv, the internet, or your family. By having a space where you can go to focus on work, you can add more structure to your day-to-day life.
  4. Prevent loneliness
    Working remotely from home can undoubtedly create a sense of isolation over time. Simply working alongside others is an easy fix, as it creates a sense of community and cooperation.
  5. Strong sense of community
    One of the most important aspects of coworking spaces is the community that they create. Aside from the networking, collaboration, and creativity, coworking spaces are also opportunities to build lasting connections. Through professional development workshops, member meetings, and meetups, people working individually can at the same time become part of a larger team that values collaboration, openness, and community.