Our April Member of the Month is Russell Romney!   Russell joined us in January and has been quick to connect with the 100state community. He can always be found sparking some witty (sometimes too witty), and insightful conversation with fellow members.  Learn more about this star developer below!

What motivates you?

I’m motivated by doing things that I enjoy, that are interesting, that are challenging, and that have a good reason for being done.

Why do you work out of a Coworking space?  And more importantly, why 100state?

I worked at home for a few months and found a few reasons why it is not ideal:

  • little separation of work and home
  • fewer opportunities to meet new people, encounter new ideas, and hear about cool events
  • it can be hard to impose structure on your day – 11am work doesn’t feel to different from 7pm work (or ), so you sometimes don’t feel an urgent need to set your working hours apart from relaxation and social events

So I work from a coworking space because it offers:
  • a sense of community
  • a source of external motivation – when you see people working hard on cool things, it makes me want to work harder on what I’m doing
  • an expanded social network
  • an expanded ideas network
  • structured differences between home and work
  • “free” coffee

I chose 100state because the first day I walked in and worked for a few hours, I felt excited to come back the next day! But more specifically, the people are very social and interesting and the diversity of workers and ideas is excellent. 100state is also centrally located in Madison, has a great office space, and its building offers bike parking and a small but useful gym.

Who do you look at as a role model, and why?

I have a generic answer and a non-generic answer. The generic, but very true, answer is that my dad is my biggest role model; he’s a hard worker, a kind person, and is wildly interesting to talk to. He’s the kind of guy that rakes leaves, does the dishes, and reschedules a meeting so he can watch his daughter play some basketball. He’s a family doctor, the kind that has grabbed last-minute flights away from much-needed vacation to be there for a young woman in labor for the first time and who wants her doctor to be there to help her through complications. He’s never been too tired to play some street hockey. I want to be that kind of person.


The non-generic answer is that my other role models are generally politicians or entrepreneurs who are not afraid to speak up about their opinions. David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried of Basecamp/Signal v. Noise fame are two people I greatly admire for their measured, life-centric approach to building business and their willingness to call people out on their bullshit. A college professor, Sayantani Dasgupta, was another excellent example of this; she simultaneously worked extremely hard at her writing craft while caring deeply about her students and their work – and is excellent in conversation. Generally, I take inspiration from people who are hard workers but have a lot of fun and are not afraid to speak their mind.

What is your favorite100state memory?
Scotch O’Clock conversations, hands down. Friday from 5 to 6:30 is never a dull time.

What inspires you to keep going/pursuing your dream?
I am inspired equally by a driving fear of boredom and stagnation and by a desire to learn and master new things. I’m also driven by an abiding dislike for being told what to do and doing things I dislike, so I do what I can to be able to design my own work and life and avoid situations where I have to do unpleasant things.

When you’re not at 100state, where can you be found?
When I’m not at 100state, I’m hanging out with my girlfriend and/or friends, mountain biking, reading, and playing baseball or soccer in local adult leagues.