Our May Member of the Month is Benedict Fritz!  Benedict has been a member of 100state since February ’18, and here’s hoping we never have to say goodbye to him, his sharp wit, or infectious laugh.   Read more about Benedict, the aspiring (but shouldn’t quit his day job) magician, below!

Software Developer

What motivates you?
Working on interesting projects with interesting people! I’m pretty motivated to stay motivated.

Why do you work out of a co-working space? And more importantly, why 100state?
For me, working from home all the time is a recipe for misery. I’ve been independent for 6 years now, and working out of co-working spaces has always made me happier and more productive. I tried a couple co-working spaces in Madison and 100state has a great mix of wonderful people, a nice space, and a fantastic location. Most importantly, there’s a perfect blend between being able to get work done and having the opportunity to be social.

Who do you look at as a role model and why?
Anyone’s who’s doing something that they’re intrinsically motivated to do.

What is your favorite 100state memory?
Honestly, the first time I saw Lochlan do magic at a Scotch O’Clock. I wouldn’t stop talking about it to my friends. I even bought a card trick book. Never got past the section on shuffling, though…

What inspires you to keep going, pursuing your dream?
The creeping sense that I am becoming more and more unemployable every year. That and I’m still having a lot of fun!

When you’re not at 100state, where can you be found?
Reading at home with my fiancé and our cockatiel, Dudley Doo.