Our November Member of the Month is Daniel Dunkijacobsnolten!   Daniel has been a member  since August 2019, and was quick to fit right in to the 100state community.  We like him, mostly because of his adorable pup, but also for his willingness to lend a helping hand, and for his contributions of otherwise useless  knowledge to our trivia team.  Read more about Daniel below!


Help Desk Manager.

What motivates you?

There’s always a better way to accomplish a task. Managing a Help Desk provides plenty of opportunities to improve processes whether it be a quicker resolution or more efficient deployment.

Why do you work out of a co-working space? And more importantly, why 100state?

Having relocated to Madison for my fiancée’s job in May, I knew I’d get super bored working from home. Even with the dog and cat around, it gets pretty lonely around the house. 100state has an awesome group of people and someone is always willing to grab lunch and chat.

Who do you look at as a role model and why?

Anyone who’s ever accomplished something I want to do. Keeping an open mind to new experiences and learning from others is huge for me.

What is your favorite 100state memory?

Learning how to make balloon animals!

What inspires you to keep going, pursuing your dream?

I never want to stop learning. Working in tech, there’s perpetually something new to check out and discover. Learning from what others have accomplished in the past can help better myself and in turn, the world around me.

When you’re not at 100state, where can you be found?