Our December Member of the Month is Ibrahim Harun!   Ibrahim has been a member of 100state since 2013, and is our own personal baked good champion.  He never misses the opportunity to honor National Donut Day, and showers us with delicious kringles for the other 364.  If you don’t believe these tasty morsels are enough reason to like him, keep reading!  Ibs is a kick ass CEO, business owner, and just all around great human.


CEO/Creative Director/Chief Graphic Designer at IH Concepts.

What motivates you?

What gets me up in the morning is being the best person I can be, whether it is in my business or in personal life. Everyone deserves love and kindness in this world. I strive to be the person who makes everyone feel welcome. What defines me in IHC is not the bottom line, but what I do for others.

Why do you work out of a co-working space? And more importantly, why 100state?

Working in a co-working space allows me to be around other startups and entrepreneurs and the energy is contagious. Being around other entrepreneurs going through the same challenges keeps me going. Witnessing the successes of other 100Staters, inspires me to put in 110%. Why 100state? The community and all the relationships I’ve built!

Who do you look at as a role model and why?

Kaleem Caire – As a minority business owner, I know that no one can ignore Kaleem’s accomplishments with the Urban League and recently his success with One City Early Learning. Kaleem is a leader in our community who, in the darkest of times, has found the good in every situation. His words inspire me to keep going. Kaleem is someone who aspires to drive social good in the Madison Community.

What is your favorite 100state memory?

Memory #1

My favorite memory is our first 100Thanks in 2014 when co-founder Andrew Conley and Michael Fenchel sang the thank you song up on stage.

Memory #2

Anytime Michael Fenchel raps at our parties. You know it!

What inspires you to keep going, pursuing your dream?

What inspires me is my mother, who has raised four children as a single parent, put herself through school while raising us, and is now a successful figure in the Madison community. She faced many challenges and never gave up. Anytime I doubt myself I think of my mother’s struggles that she overcame to keep me going.

Professionally, inspiration over the last 12 years has come from the success of my clients such MUM, non-profits, and small businesses. I help my clients achieve this through successful branding and marketing.

When you’re not at 100state, where can you be found?