Hello, everyone! My name is Arianna Ebert-Standard (Ari), and I am originally from Stoughton, WI. I moved to Madison three years ago to attend Edgewood College, where I’m currently a Senior majoring in Communication Studies with a focus in Media and Message with a minor in Business. I am hoping to go into the digital marketing field, with a focus on social media.

I chose to intern at 100state because I loved the space from the moment I was first introduced to it. The collectiveness of co-working was so appealing to me, and I instantly knew that I wanted to help raise awareness for this space and help promote that amazing community feeling that 100state brings to anyone who visits it.

When I’m not at work, I’m at work! I have three jobs currently, so free time is typically hard to come by. I work here at 100state, as well as Edgewood College’s Writing Center, and additionally at SpringHill Suites Madison by Marriott. When I’m genuinely not at work, I am painting, cross-stitching, thrifting, and/or listening to Canadian True Crime podcast. (I love true crime podcasts, so please always feel free to let me in on your favorites).

A fun thing most people may not know about me is that my Myers-Briggs Personality Type is INFJ. Yes, I know that this is not a super scientifically valid personality test, but I find it kind of fun. I am good at pretending to be an extrovert, but at the end of the day I get my energy from within myself and not from others, making me a total introvert. While I love socializing and making connections, my “social battery” needs recharging more often, and self-care is crucial! Don’t let this stop you from coming up to me and introducing yourself—I’m a Communication major so clearly, I still love communicating!

I am so excited to begin my time here at 100state and look forward to meeting all of the fantastic people that fill this space. 

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