Whether you’re holding a networking event, office party, or board meeting, you need one thing: a venue. Yet the traditional venues – hotels, classrooms, and offices – can feel unproductive, uncreative, and unwelcoming. So, what do you do?

A coworking space can offer the solution you need. Keep reading to find out why you should consider hosting your next event at a space like 100state!

1. They’re a one stop shop

Coworking spaces are developed to support not only a  large number of workers, but a large variety of work needs, over long periods of time.  That means high-speed internet, tech and conferencing equipment, and coffee, coffee, coffee.  Some spaces, like 100state, even offer 24/7 access.  That means, whatever your event, a coworking space will be flexible enough to meet your every need.

2. Location, location, location

Coworking spaces have popped up in every major city across the nation.  Not only that, but they often prioritize being centrally located near major transportation hubs – bike routes, bus lines, etc. – which means attendees can access the space with ease.

3 . The environment is unlike any other “typical” office

No endless rows of grey cubicles here! A universal trademark of coworking spaces is the creative, comfortable environment that they foster. Instead of rows of desks, imagine couches, bean bag chairs, and a room full of people ready to get their workday started. Everybody is working on something different, which culminates to both a physically and mentally creative space – perfect for any kind of event.

4. Connect with your community

Don’t underestimate the level of influence and connectivity that coworking spaces have with their local community!  Members are often eager to connect and get to know other businesses and individuals within the space, which can prove  incredibly advantageous to companies looking to grow brand awareness, find  business sponsors, or even expand their team. 

5.  Support local!

Many coworking spaces are  local businesses and startups in themselves.  100state was founded as a nonprofit in 2013, as one of the very first coworking spaces in the city and state!  Share the love and foster the local entrepreneurship ecosystem by giving these businesses your support.

Ok, so maybe this wasn’t exactly 100 reasons. However, we hope that it’s more than enough reasoning to highlight the benefits of collaborating with your local coworking space.   Interested in hearing more about the spaces 100state has to offer?  Reach out today!