If you’re reading this right now, it’s hopefully from the comfort of your own home. Self-quarantines and social isolation may be necessary on a public health level, but they definitely allow for more (almost too much) free time. If you’re considering rewatching your favorite show for the third time, why not explore some other activities to fill your time with?  Check out these official recommendations from the 100state team:


Finally get around to everything that’s been slowly building up in your watchlist!

Emily:  I just tore through Killing Eve and The Americans.  Thankful I’m late to the game on this one because with 6 seasons it’s a winner for soaking up a lot of time.  For some comedic relief, I’m continuously shoving Phoebe Waller Bridge’s  Fleabag or lesser known, Crashing down all of my friends’ throats.

Sam: I’ve been watching Parks and Rec when I’m doing other things for background sound, and I also finally watched Inception for the first time!

Arianna: I’m not a huge TV gal, but I’ve been getting back in to Star Trek: Voyager. I usually fit an episode into my break during the day. The episodes usually end on a really hopeful and positive note so I have found it decently comforting in our current situation.

Emma:  I’ve finally gotten around to watching Arrested Development and Community, which are especially good for when I need a quick break between classes and homework.

Looking to learn something new with minimal effort?  Try one of these documentaries!

Emily:  Free Solo.  Equal parts terrifying and inspiring, and good for bringing a little bit of the outside world in.

Sam:  I’m a sucker for a history doc, so I’ve been watching WWII In Color recently, and I also ran through the Netflix documentary called, How to Fix a Drug Scandal which goes into how evidence was mishandled by chemists who tested drugs for drug convictions in Massachusetts.

Arianna: This is a docuseries, but I Am A Killer on Netflix is great. It follows prisoners who have been convicted of murder as they await their fate on death row. The show is informative regarding death row and wrongful sentencing, and lets the viewer make their own opinions on if the killer was guilty or not, or if they “deserve” the intensity of a death row sentence.

Emma: I love true crime documentaries, and The Keepers on Netflix is one of my all-time favorites, detailing two grown women investigating the unsolved murder of one of their former teachers. It’s definitely one that will stay with you long after you finish watching it.


Open Library has the internet’s largest collection of free books available for download, and is adding new books every day, if you’re looking to catch up on your reading list.

Emily: I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers for a quick read, so I just picked up The Silent Patient.  Will report back.

Sam:  I’m finally finishing Evicted by Matthew Desmond, which details the eviction process and the inequalities that predominantly Black families on the South side of Milwaukee, WI are put through.

Emily: Sam’s a better person than the rest of us.

Arianna: With school, it’s hard to find time to read anything but my assigned readings, butI have been loving Lev Apparel’s blog posts! They are very focused around ethical fashion and lifestyle, and I have found their posts to be useful in both decluttering my closet and putting together outfits that work for me.

Emma: The Woman in the Window. If you haven’t already, read it now- it’s an absolutely wild ride.


Remember you can continue supporting local artists through live streamed open mics and music sessions!  Check out places like Underbelly or Facebook to find out who’s hosting the next one.

EmilyI’m all across the board here.  A few artists that have been on repeat recently are Jacob Banks, Daughter, Mother Mother, and Caravan Palace.

Sam:  Parquet Courts,  for their album Wide Awake! , Thundercat’s album It Is What It Is, and Stonefield’s Bent.

Arianna:  I’ve been listening to my favorites, which means a lot of flor, Glass Animals, and The 1975. I have really been depending on my Spotify discover weekly for new music, since I’m starting to feel a little stuck!

Emma: Also a pretty big range, but most recently a lot of Tame Impala, Abra, and Clairo. Radiooooo is also a really cool website to find new music!!

OR, listen to a new podcast!  Bonus points if it’s 100stateofmind.

Emily:  Shamefully haven’t gotten into the podcast scene yet…. Guys?

Arianna: Canadian True Crime. Always and forever.

Emma: Redhanded! True Crime with some humor and British accents thrown in.


Start a new hobby- an excess of free time is the perfect excuse to explore a new passion of yours. Learning to play a new instrument? Learning how to knit?  And remember to reach out to friends- social distancing does not mean social isolation!  We’re all in this together, so take care of yourselves and each other.

Emily:  I’m one of those people doing all the baking.  I’ve also been trying to pick up Arabic.  Nemo is a great app for this, and contains many languages that aren’t always found on other platforms.  Still telling myself I don’t have enough time to start running again…

Sam: I’ve been sewing a lot of bags/masks/wearables which has been a lot of fun. I’ve also been skateboarding when I can (by myself of course) as well as going on hikes with my partner, Molly and my pup who I’m holed up with!

Arianna: I’ve been running my Etsy shop, acescollective and creating a lot of art. My day usually starts with school, then work on the shop, and then creating art through various mediums. My favorites right now are watercolor and digital. And of course, my work with 100state is mixed in there as well!

Emma: I’ve been doing a lot more cooking, and have also been trying to get more into baking. I’ve also gotten back into yoga, which has been really helpful since I’m spending a lot of time inside sitting down. One thing I haven’t done yet is give myself a haircut(fingers crossed!!).