Featured Artist Friday: Roberto Torres Mata


Featured Artist: Roberto Torres Mata

Mata’s work is part of the exhibition  “Movement” on display in 100state through April 3rd.

On his work, Mata states “I used past events and topics throughout this series of prints, much of my process involved collages of newspaper reports involving protests against the treatment of undocumented people, as well as natural disasters that have occurred in Mexico. I am creating a body of work that is concerned with the past, present, mythological, and supernatural aspects of Mexican culture. Employing a variety of artistic approaches including serigraphy, lithography, ceramics, and mixed-media sculpture, I am creating narrative work that speaks to a past tradition while also investigating contemporary issues.”

“Through each print I used a Monoprint process to create imagery that is different from each other, so every print is unique in their own way. I used the image of Coatlicue as a representation of my Mexican ancestral past. All four prints are symbolic in which they speak about the history, social issues and culture of Mexico. I focused on four elements which is Dreamers, Immigration, Pain, and Beauty. They demonstrate the complexity of Mexican people which also show the hard work and achievements Mexicans make while overcoming prejudices.”

You can see more on Mata’s work on his website, here.


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