Since its founding in 2013, 100state’s mission to create a community and home for problem-solvers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, has been driven by innovation and collaboration. We are an organization dedicated to providing education resources, events, mentorship, and more to the Madison area business and arts communities. Over the years, 100state has evolved to become a leader in the Madison entrepreneur ecosystem, the largest coworking community in Wisconsin, and a hub from which startups and businesses have found opportunity and success.

As Madison faces new challenges, we at 100state are continuing to evolve in order to further support the entrepreneur and business communities of our city. With evolution comes change, a familiar cornerstone of 100state’s story, and so we are excited to announce the relocation of 100state to 17 S. Fairchild St as the next chapter for 100state. 

The success of 100state has never come from a space alone, but rather from a community of innovators, partners, and leaders who have taken steps to make their mark on Madison. Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship is needed in the greater Madison community now, more than ever as we face the difficult and uncertain times of COVID-19. At 100state, we are excited to take further action and commit to ensuring the space and 100state experience are always accessible to the community. 

Now is the time to come together, not in person but as members of the Madison community. We will continue to operate as a home for problem solvers and community leaders to tackle the issues we face today and will find tomorrow. If you are interested in joining 100state as we move forward or supporting the organization, please contact us at

In closing, we hope you, your loved ones, and your community stay safe and healthy during these trying times.  All of us at 100state look foward to the opportunity to connect again soon and to welcome you to our new space.

Thank you,

Claudia Seidenberg & the 100state Team