Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Sager and I am from Hortonville, Wisconsin (it is right by Appleton for reference).  One of the only cool things about Hortonville is that our mascot is a polar bear;  the only other school in the US to have that as their mascot.  I will be going into my senior year at Edgewood College, where I am majoring in Business Marketing, minoring in Communications, and obtaining a Public Relations Certificate.  I have been exploring what I want to do after I graduate, but for now all I know is that I am interested in the public relations and social media side of marketing.

I was not  familiar with co-working spaces until I was introduced to 100state, but it sounded really interesting and I am so glad I decided to become an intern here! Everyone is super welcoming and I love the sense of community that has been built.

On the days I am not at 100state, I also work at a golf course.  I love the job because typically, when people are golfing, they are in a good mood – And working with people who are always in a good mood makes my job a lot more fun.  Aside from that, I also play volleyball at Edgewood College which takes up just about all of my “free time” during the school year.  If anyone gets bored this fall, and we are allowed to have fans at our games, feel free to come cheer us on:)

Something fun that not many people know about me is that two of my best skills are ping pong and mario kart.  I am super competitive, so if anyone wants to challenge me to either of those, please feel free.  I love some good competition.

I have already had the pleasure of meeting a handful of members, but I am looking forward to meeting more over the summer!