The 100state art room is now up and running!  After a number of months spent  building out the facilities, 100state’s Creative Director, Sam Christensen says the room is ready to be used for projects. I sat down with Sam and asked him a few questions about this exciting new space, and what it means for our members, as well as the greater Madison Community.

What exactly is the art room?

The art room is an extension of the 100arts program, and is a space that is designed for screen printing.  Screen printing is a process used to print an image on an object.  The art room includes a light table to expose screens, a washout booth/sink, a table for printing, a small set of flat files, a drying rack, and other storage facilities.  You can print on clothing, paper, skateboards, metal, or just about anything that is flat enough.

If someone does not know how to screen print, will they be taught how to do so?

I plan on holding small workshops for members and non-members on how to screen print.  The best way to learn is really to come in and get your hands dirty!  I also will be providing virtual educational resources on how to screen print.

Do we bring in all our own materials or will there be materials available to screen print on?

There will be some materials provided when working on a project with someone, such as screens/ink/everything else that you need to print. The materials people bring in will be on a project to project basis, and will depend on what the individual would like to print on; whether it be clothes, wood, paper, etc.

Is the space only used for screen printing?

In short, yes. Since the art room is relatively small, I thought this would be the best way to use my skills as a print-maker, as well as a great way to utilize the space. Though it’s small, the room has been well thought out, and has been designed to optimize the space as best as possible.  If members have small creative projects they would like to work on, it’s also available for that upon request.

Do you have to be present if someone wants to use the art room?

Yes, in order to use the screen printing facilities, either the 100state intern or I will have to be present. This is the way it has to be for the time being because of the small quirks of the room, as well as having the knowledge of how to operate the room safely and efficiently.

How did the art room come about?

My predecessor Carlos Gacharna and Brent Gerlach started the 100arts program seven years ago, and for the past three years, I have continued to carry the program on to what it is today. Before COVID-19, we had gallery shows, workshops, and charitable fundraising events that were orchestrated through the arm of the 100arts program. Now that most in-person events have been cancelled for the near future, we have had to set our sights on what we can do to help continue fostering the vibrant, artistic community in Madison.

Where did you get the equipment?

Much of the supplies and facilities within the art room were donated by other community organizations, as well as other artists and individuals. The exposure table was The Bubbler’s (art space in Madison Public Library) old exposure table, the  washout booth came from Polka Press, which is a community funded printing press on the East side of Madison. The flat file came from an artist, David Bramson who happened to be getting rid of it, and heard about the art room and wanted to donate it instead! This room couldn’t have come together without the fantastic people in the Madison Community that believed in it, and helped make it what it is: to those people I say thank you!

Who will be able to utilize the art room?

Anyone and everyone will be able to have access to the art room.  As the art room is a small space (small but mighty!) with lots of specific equipment, the 100arts intern or myself will work with others to help bring their ideas to fruition.  Simply e-mail me at if you are interested in working on your next big project together!

Do you have to be a member of 100state to use the art room?

No, you do not have to be a member! Anyone can inquire about using the art room.  I’m working with individuals on a project basis currently, and am super open to everyone who wants to learn about screen printing, or has a specific job in mind.  Whether it’s printing a few shirts for your startup, or bringing a creative idea to life, we can for sure make it happen!

How big is the space, and how many people will be able to use it at once?

As I said above, the space is relatively small, but we have been able to utilize every inch of space to be able to bring your ideas to life! Myself, or someone that has been trained on how to use the equipment within the space will be able to use the space, with a max capacity of three people in the space at a time.

What are the future plans for the art room?

The future plans of the 100arts space are simple: continue to provide a contemplative, safe space for artists that aim to bring their ideas to fruition, while also providing facilities and knowledge of screen printing, and other art processes.  Once COVID-19 has safely passed, we will continue arts community programming, and other art related events. I can’t wait to see all of you, and again, if there’s a band poster you want to make, or maybe a set of custom masks, don’t be afraid to reach out!