Howdy folks! My name is Sarah Weh and I will be interning at 100state during my FINAL semester at Edgewood College! (*internal* “Whoot! Whoot!”) I am majoring in Web Design and Development and minoring in Graphic Design and Art Studio. 

In my free time, I love to design clothing made from unconventional materials like bike tires, bottle caps, and egg cartons. The purpose of my work is to bring awareness to the environmental impact our waste has. I have had the chance to participate in some amazing fashion shows organized by the Madison Reading Project and was able to spend a semester abroad at Ulster University in Belfast, Ireland participating in their fashion and graphic design programs.   

During the pandemic, I have noticed the importance of a strong online presence needed in order for consumers to support the local community in our virtual world. I am excited to be a part of 100state’s story, while supporting an organization with a powerful mission. With that being said, I can’t wait to meet everyone at 100state (in person or virtual)! Feel free to stop by or comment below and say “Hi!”, because I love a good chat!