Sponsor of the Good Vibes: $5

Bring a smile into the building and know that you are amazing. We’ll put your gift into our general fund, helping pay for the great work happening at 100state day in and day out.

Provider of the Caffeine: $20

Our world, like so many others, runs on coffee. Become a Provider of the Caffeine and buy a pot of coffee for our community, thus ensuring we are all functioning at our highest capacity.

Shaper of the Young Minds: $100

Along with hundreds of paying members working throughout nearly every facet of our vibrant city, we also love to bring in high school/college students and ensure that we are helping to train our community’s future entrepreneurs, artists and leaders. A Shaper of Young Minds helps support youth initiatives.

Feeder of the Community: $150

We at 100state love providing free opportunities to the community so that they may expand their skills. We also love providing them lunch! Become Feeder of the Community and fund a free community Lunch & Learn. Then rest easy, knowing you are helping empower our community in real and tangible ways.

Giver of Knowledge: $500

We partner with a lot of local non-profits and organizations, in order to ensure we are best serving our community. One of the many ways we serve is by allowing other great orgs to use our amazing space. Become a Giver of Knowledge and fund a month of free classes for the community. Along with great thanks and appreciation from us all, we’ll be sure to acknowledge your contribution on our classroom wall.

Purveyor of the Arts: $500

No community space is complete without beautiful and inspiring artwork on its walls. That’s why every year we work with dozens of local artists, ensuring that they have a way to show their work, and those using our space can be inspired by their talents. Become a Purveyor of the Arts and fund an art show. Along with knowing that you are everything that is right with the world, we’ll be sure to acknowledge your contribution along with the displays you make possible.

Enable the Programmers: $2500

We work with a local non-profit whose mission is to teach kids to program. When you Enable the Programmers, you’re funding six months for nonprofits to use our space, thus keeping their costs down, ensuring that no child can’t learn the important skill of programming.

Master of Community: $5000

Keeping a community like 100state going is exciting and fun… but also expensive. We rely on the community to help us offset the costs of running our space and providing our ample resources, which are then available to the community. It’s a great, symbiotic relationship. Become a Master of Community and help us keep that relationship going by providing a month of general programming to all who seek a place to learn, to grow and to build a better world. We’ll be sure to acknowledge you on our website and via our social media.