We're pursuing a new model for growth and innovation - a new way to unleash talent to make the world a better place - a new option for people who want to live and work on their own terms.

We're a new type of non-profit with an organic model and a big mission to:

use collaboration to make Madison the most brilliant, rich and vibrant city in the world

inspire innovation that solves meaningful problems facing local people, organizations and governments

build a community that helps anyone find meaning through adding value and following their passion

We pursue this vision through

Membership + EntrepreneurshipPlus

Membership + Entrepreneurship

100state helps members use their passion to add value and support themselves. Our community provides connections, opportunities and downtown workspace that help individuals and teams thrive. We also empower members to contribute to meaningful initiatives they care about .

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Problem Solving + ProjectsPlus

Problem Solving + Projects

100state supports efforts to solve local problems. We conduct donation-based brainstorm sessions with local organizations to spread innovation and open opportunities for our members. We also take on and lead projects and initiatives that have a major impact on the larger Madison community.

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Events + Education:

Events + Education:

100state designs and facilitates large, unique public events that bring Madison's diverse communities together. We also host monthly events open to the public. We open our space to members, partners and the general public to use for activities that facilitate the exchange of valuable skills and information.

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100state Problem Solving

We leverage our talent pool to help overcome real challenges facing the Madison community. We see problems as opportunities for our passionate members to innovate, and invite individuals, and organizations to share their challenges with us.


We hold a 100state brainstorm to learn about the challenge, generate ideas, and discuss avenues of solution


Together, we determine criteria that need to be met for partnership, and open the opportunity to members with matching interests and experience.


Passionate members create a 100state project and collaborate to create, execute and deliver a unique and valuable solution.

Most Recent Brainstorms

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Support 100state

100state is directed by a group of members committed to our mission of helping to grow and connect Madison's creative, entrepreneurial, and professional communities. We're looking for support from individuals and organizations who share our passion and want to help us succeed.

None of our directors take any form of payment; in fact, we help to financially support the organization. All contributions go directly into projects, events, and operations. We're grateful for the support we've had in our just 10 weeks of operation so far, and are open to contributions of any kind.

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