100crypto started as an incubator for talented visionaries creating solutions to real-world problems using blockchain & crypto technology at 100state. 100crypto’s vision was to shape, develop and facilitate growth in blockchain companies and individuals launching projects in Madison by providing space, mentorship and networking opportunities.

With a mind for growth, 100crypto expanded to include individuals and companies with a diverse interest in the blockchain space. Enterprise blockchain consultants, algorithmic traders, developers, entrepreneurs, crypto currency investors and market analysts all are well represented here. 100crypto aims to continue its role as the primary ecosystem in the Madison area for blockchain innovation.

100crypto continues to builds the Madison blockchain community and crypto ecosystem today, through meetups, educational seminars, advising, hackathons and maintaining a presence in the global blockchain community.

talented visionaries creating solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology

100crypto supports:

  • Education
    • Facilitating knowledge sharing within the community regarding cryptocurrencies, decentralized networks and smartcontracts
    • Working with local companies to advance understanding in blockchain and DLT technologies
    • Sharing knowledge and experience between members
    • Attend national conferences to build relationships and learn
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Provide space, networking and community for members and their projects
    • Working on logistics for a blockchain hackathon later this year
  • Develop and support blockchain networks
    • Build support and liquidity tools for existing blockchains
    • Participate in mining, staking and node servicing
  • Investment
    • De-risk investment through market analysis and risk management strategies
    • Supporting funds with research and knowledge
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