The creative arm of 100state

100arts represents the creative branch of 100state. As part of an organization that champions the intersection between art, education and entrepreneurship, we push to create space for artists in the professional world. Artists, like other professionals, are freelancers, small business owners, educators, mentors and organizers. All professionals need access to resources and we believe that an emphasis on community building builds for better businesses. As a result, we host art exhibitions, an Artist-in-Residence program and are developing our brand new art studio.

Come visit the space to see our latest installation and keep an eye out for our newsletter for upcoming events and important announcements!

Sam Christenson

Creative Director

How did the art room come about?

My predecessor Carlos Gacharna and Brent Gerlach started the 100arts program seven years ago, and for the past three years, I have continued to carry the program on to what it is today. Before COVID-19, we had gallery shows, workshops, and charitable fundraising events that were orchestrated through the arm of the 100arts program. Now that most in-person events have been cancelled for the near future, we have had to set our sights on what we can do to help continue fostering the vibrant, artistic community in Madison.

Artist and Residency (AiR)

Our AiR program provides a stepping stone for emerging artists entering the professional world. In exchange for free membership and studio access for 6 months, artists curate the exhibitions in the space and work as in-house resources for a variety of creative needs our community might have. Our AiR have hosted socially progressive exhibitions, designed beer labels, built tables, filmed events, hosted artist talks and more as members of 100state. Now that we have a dedicated art space, we aim to extend those services to include art workshops and professional printing services.

Previous Artist Residence

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Exhibitions & Art Events

100arts’ purpose behind the gallery was to vitalize the workspace, while opening an artistic pathway for the Madison community to interact with 100state members. “Prior to the art, while we’ve got a fantastic membership base, there wasn’t much of a reason for the community to stop on by,” stated Brent. “Now, with the gallery, the community is welcome to stop by, see some art, and learn what 100state is all about.” Look for 100arts’ next gallery rotation, scheduled on our events page. Please schedule a time slot if you on are interested in viewing our exhibitions in person, find the link on our events page.

Screen Printing Art Room

The art room is an extension of the 100arts program, and is a space that is designed for screen printing.  Screen printing is a process used to print an image on an object.  The art room includes a light table to expose screens, a washout booth/sink, a table for printing, a small set of flat files, a drying rack, and other storage facilities.  You can print on clothing, paper, skateboards, metal, or just about anything that is flat enough. Anyone can inquire about using the art room.