The creative arm of 100state

100arts represents the creative branch of 100state. As part of an organization that champions the intersection between art, education and entrepreneurship, we push to create space for artists in the professional world. Artists, like other professionals, are freelancers, small business owners, educators, mentors and organizers. All professionals need access to resources and we believe that an emphasis on community building builds for better businesses. As a result, we host art exhibitions, an Artist-in-Residence program and are developing our brand new art studio.

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JJ Pagac

Interim Art Director

Keeping the spirit alive

My predecessors Carlos Gacharna and Brent Gerlach started the 100arts program seven years ago.  As our past art director moved on to start his own career, I assume the responsibilities to keep 100arts alive.  I currently am curating an art show for the MMoCA Fall Gallery night.

Fall Gallery Night

100state is proud to once again participate in the city-wide gallery night sponsors by MMoCA.  We have curated 5 artist to present their artwork including: Chelle Diederich, Jennika Bastian, Mushka, TL Luke, and Theo Howard.

Friday November 12 • 5pm – 9pm

Previous Artist Residence

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