100state’s mission is to create a community and home for problem­ solvers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We are a cоwоrking community that provides a shared working space thаt iѕ equipped with desks, сhаirѕ, printing ѕtаtiоns, private offices, meeting rooms, and internet. Members of the community work independently, together. They belong to a community of like-minded people. A safe place to succeed and grow ideas. Nearing 300 members, 100state is Wisconsin’s largest coworking community and is dedicated to providing education resources, events, mentorship, and more to the Madison area business and arts communities.

Entrepreneurship Education

We have a dedicated classroom and art studio to support entrepreneurship and creative education. Our members and partners look to support knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurship for youth and adults.

Our community consists of 280+ impassioned problem solvers.

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Private Meeting Rooms Available to Book on Liquid Space

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