Andre Ferrella

Andre Ferrella

Andre Ferrella graduated as a Medical Illustrator from the University of Toledo/Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He discovered an organic photographic process called “The Living Pictures”, also know as “The Mold Picture Process”, that bridged the gap between micro and macro space. He has been nationally and internationally collected and exhibited at renowned institutions.

Known as “The Artist of The Spirit” who devotes his life to bring Divine information from the other side of the veil. During a reading from Lee Carroll, KRYON described Andre as “The Evolutionary Artist, a Master of Light”. Andre brings the gift of accessing the other side of the veil via interdimensional devices he has created.

Andre brings to his art a lifetime of spiritual study and exploration of the world’s sacred traditions and iconography. With his indisputable technical virtuosity, Ferrella is able to reveal higher orders of reality and the interconnectedness of existence that has been described by ageless enlightened teachers and mystics. Ferrella communicates these ineffable spiritual experiences and phenomena, at the same time that he enables our own explorations and awakenings.

Andre Ferrella taught Creative Fine Art, Photography and Visual Design at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.