Kathryn R. Martin

Kathryn Martin

Kathryn R. Martin is an artist who has called Madison home for 5 years. She studied Fine Art and Humanities at the University of Colorado, mainly focusing on conceptual sculpture, performance and public works.

After moving back home to the Midwest in the early 2000’s and starting a family, she began to shift her focus more to expressive painting as well as to teaching. These expressionistic-style paintings have become a favorite process for Kathryn. They are a personal and spiritual process of reflection, realization, and her appreciation for the natural world. As a natural health practitioner, Kathryn believes the process of art is an essential tool for health and well-being. As has always been true for her various styles, she finds inspiration from the richness of individuals and their stories. Kathryn’s travels have inspired both her writing and her visual work since a very young age. A lover of all people, she enjoys learning and gaining inspiration from strangers, friends, and students alike.