KC Philips

KC Phillips


My name is KC Sarkisian and I am DoomsdayLLC.

DoomsdayLLC is a multimedia project that I’ve been working on since 2020. In the year 2099, every iteration of DoomsdayLLC across the multiverse opened a spacetime rift in order to evade taxes. Each of them filed into the space between their universes, Nowhere, and immediately set up shop. Every piece of art in my collection is a different canonical piece from the ongoing stories of the different DoomsdayLLC’s of the multiverse. Some of my pieces are scenes from corporate headquarters, some are advertisements, some are travel posters, some are postcards and some are propaganda; the list goes on. I’ve been growing and building these weird scenes from different corners of space to incorporate all of my artwork together and make something, ultimately, funny. And strange. Both things.