Concert on the Square

We recently started the tradition of attending Concert on the Square every Wednesday and in just a few weeks it’s turned out to be one of our favorite weekly events and the Grateful Dead like following is slowly amassing. It’s something we look forward to every week at 100state and we want to open it…
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Madison’s HomeGrown Talent gets Shout-Out in London

(image: Rob Tierney ©)Urban Times, a London based magazine, wrote this great article proclaiming Madison as “one of the best cities in America” for its local loyalty and community participation. The article highlights the 100state-supported project Make Music Madison, as well as several other great local initiatives. Check it out- it’s a great reminder of…
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100state of mind

This is a post about one of the core concepts of 100state: the 100state of mind. It often defies explanation, but there’s something magical about that state of mind when you’re completely on a roll in life and can’t seem to do anything wrong. Some people study it- researching focus, coordination or neuroscience and educating…
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