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100stories: Crap, I’m an entrepreneur again

By Sandra Bradley, as told to Violet Jinqi Wang I like to call myself an accidental entrepreneur. I fell into my first entrepreneurial journey because I knew how to do something that was in hot demand — web development. Growing to meet that demand and forming a company just made sense. It was in the…
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100stories: Meetings are the best part of my job

By Christopher Patterson, as told to Violet Jinqi Wang There’s one big difference between the corporate world and the startup world. Meetings. In the corporate world, meetings are often something you just do — boring, could have been summed up in an email, bleh. In the startup world, you only take a meeting when you…
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100stories: I am a Damn Bumblebee

By Ulysses Dinkins, as told to Violet Jinqi Wang Whenever I meet someone new, I have to prove my merit to them. After all, I am a carpenter. I didn’t go to business school. In my 13 years as a carpenter, I’ve seen the worst of the worst. I’ve gotten stuck in a lift 60…
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100stories: I used to be a client hoarder

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By Candy Phelps, as told to Violet Jinqi Wang I started freelancing out of desperation in 2008. I had a job I didn’t like, and I couldn’t find a better one. I named the business iCandy Graphics and Printing, and my first investment was a gigantic industrial standard printer. I firmly believed people would only…
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Roll For Guild on the Captimes

From the Captimes Dungeons & Dragons is 44 years old, but the nerdy fantasy game’s popularity is soaring — something that a new Madison startup hopes to capitalize on. Roll for Guild makes a suite of online tools to help people play D&D and the overarching family of D&D-like products called “tabletop role-playing games.” And thanks…
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