About the Community Scholarship

This community scholarship fund will raise and award $50,000 to Madison area residents in the form of annual 100state memberships. A 12 month membership will provide a welcoming coworking and startup community with facilities, resources and support for individuals to network, grow and succeed. The goal is to match the applicants within the intended areas of support as closely as possible with sponsors (100state heroes). And beyond the financial support, we’ll look for ways to help connect the scholarship recipients to the individuals and organizations that have sponsored them. A deeper level of connection for both parties.

Who Should Donate? (100state heroes)

100state is looking to partner with individuals, businesses and organizations that believe in 100state’s mission:

100state’s mission is to create a community and home for problem­ solvers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. 

Many groups are underrepresented in 100state’s membership and one of the key focuses of the fund is to increase diversity and inclusion at 100state. To provide access to members who would otherwise not be able to be part of the community for various reasons. Want to be a hero?

100state heroes (ie. fund donors who donate at least $1800 to sponsor a 12 month annual scholarship) can select areas of interest they wish to sponsor below. Beyond the sponsorship itself we encourage the sponsors and scholarship recipients to explore engagement beyond the initial sponsorship in ways that create win-wins for both parties. There will be education for the scholarship recipients on job training, networking and ways to professionally connect with the individuals and organizations that sponsor them.

Who should apply?

Anyone who has a dream, vision, or goal, and just needs a little help getting there is encouraged to apply.  100state is a vibrant, collaborative community, made up of entrepreneurs, artists, software developers,  remote workers, students, and small business owners, We strive to empower our community to pursue their passions, innovate boldly, and drive to create a more equitable and entrepreneurial community at 100state and throughout Madison. There will be ongoing events, classes and opportunities for members to engage, learn, create and connect within the 100state community and beyond. Some of the businesses who sponsor applicants may wish to have a closer relationship with the members they sponsor, which is something we encourage but will leave up to the business and applicant as to what works best for them. It could be an opportunity for a scholarship recipient to build a meaningful relationship with a local business that could create a ripple effect of better connecting people with local businesses, with 100state being the conduit to make this happen. We anticipate jobs, internships, projects and attendance at events (held by the sponsors) being accessible to some of the scholarship recipients.

Membership Benefits

Coworking & Conference Rooms
Education & Mentorship
Connections & Networking
Podcast & Recording Studio
Brainstorming & Business Ideas
Access to Member Only Events