Joseph Dahari

20+ years of high growth sales, innovation, and record setting results across a variety of startups with a focus on fintech, e-commerce and digital transformations.

Passionate about psychology, storytelling, community building, innovative tech and first principles thinking.

Wide range of professional experiences including growing an early stage startup which is now a unicorn, leading a company to an 8-figure exit, working for a multi-national 1000+ person company, did my time on Wall St, and have advised and invested in dozens of companies.

3x founder with a lots of wins, losses and of valuable lessons learned along the way.

Spent seven years starting in my late 20s as the primary care taker for a loved one, which taught me invaluable lessons about life, love, patience, gratitude, mental health, empathy and connection.

Curiosity leads me to learn, experiment, connect and grow every day.