Visions & Vibes: A Fusion of Art, Music, and Community

May 3rd 2024 • 5pm – 9pm

Call for Artists

Calling all artists in the Madison area! 100State, in collaboration with MMoCA, is excited to announce our upcoming gallery event, “Visions & Vibes: A Fusion of Art, Music, and Community“,  and we want YOU to be a part of it. We’re searching for local talent to contribute their unique works to this celebration of Madison’s vibrant arts community. From sculptures to paintings, we’re open to a variety of artistic mediums.

Our event also features live painting demonstrations and an opportunity for artists to discuss their work with a captivated audience, all against the backdrop of live music and a selection of fine wines and snacks.  Past events drew crowds of 300 people throughout the evening, so prepare for a great time!

Submit your portfolio by the deadline of April 1st to be considered for inclusion in an evening that promises to be a cultural landmark for Madison’s art scene. Don’t miss this chance to mingle, showcase your masterpieces, and be part of an enriching community experience!

We move pretty fast at 100state and will curate the art quickly.  Expect to know within days of the submission deadline.

There is a $20 acceptance fee to place art in our space. This will help offset part of the costs of running the gallery show. We do not charge commissions or wall rental fees. All profits are kept by the artist.

All sales are to be handled by the artist. If someone wishes to purchase a piece of yours outside of the show, we will reach out to you or contact you directly with the customer.

  1. You must email a list of your pieces and an artist statement/bio. The list of pieces should include: Title, Dimensions, Art Medium, and Price (please put NFS if you don’t wish to sell it). For you bio, please send over a picture of yourslef, the bio itself, and a link to a site you wish for people to learn more of you. This could be a website or social media link.
  2. You should drop off your art no less than 1 week before the show.  Please reach out to us a good time for you to come in.  Please put a post-it note or some way to identify each piece on the back of the art
  3. That’s it!  We take care of having your art and creating all the tags for you!
  1. Our show is part of the MMoCA Gallery night, in which they will promote the show.
  2. 100state has thousands of social media followers and we will market the show and each artist individually.
  3. t is encouraged that you promote the show on your social channels as well. A great ideas is to list the date/time and specifically our address: 17 S. Fairchild St. 7th floor.  Lots of people get confused that our name is a physical address 🙂

It is enocouraged that you attend the show, as the attendees often wish to speak wth the artsits.

The evening will include music, wine, snacks, and more, so you will have a wonderful time!  100state has been showing art for 10 years, and our shows are well attended.  Last gallery night we had over 300 people come through our doors!

You are more than welcome to bring prints for sale as well. However, please reach out to to coordinate.

Are you interested in painting during the event? This is a great way to gain attention from the guests. Please email us if interested!

You are more than welcome, and we encourage it, to keep your art up for a period of 5 months. 100state has a ton of events monthly, so there will be lots of people constantly viewing your work even after the show. However, you may take down your art at anytime after the show. Please reach out to schedule times.