8 Week Creativity Immersion

Welcome to an enriching journey that celebrates the spirit of creativity every Wednesday, a day inspired by Woden’s Day, named after the Norse god Odin – a deity associated with wisdom, poetry, and creativity. Join us for an 8-week exploration into your creative potential, where each session is carefully crafted to unlock your imagination and fuel your passion.

📅 Program Overview:

  • Why Not Us? – Jan 17th
    • Delve into self-knowledge and self-belief.
    • Explore personality tests like Myers Briggs & Big 5 in class.
  • Inspiration – January 24
    • Seek inspiration from various sources to fuel your creative fire.
  • Imagination | Ideation – January 31
    • Unleash your imagination and learn effective ideation techniques.
  • Making Room – Feb 7th, 2024
    • Create space for creativity in your life and surroundings.
  • Passion – February 14th, 2024
    • Identify and nurture your passions to drive creative endeavors.
  • Heart-to-Hand (Commitment) – February 21
    • Explore the connection between your heart’s desires and tangible commitments.
  • Collaboration – February 28th
    • Embrace the power of collaboration in fostering creativity.
  • Creative Community – March 7th
    • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and celebrate your creative journey.

📘 Guided by “Wired to Create” by Scott Barry Kaufman:

  • Utilize the insights from Scott Barry Kaufman’s book to illuminate your creative path during the dark winter days.

🌈 Why Join?

  • Rediscover the joy of creativity.
  • Enhance self-awareness and belief.
  • Foster inspiration, imagination, and ideation.
  • Cultivate a passion-driven mindset.
  • Commit to your creative pursuits.
  • Embrace collaboration and build a creative community.

💡 Ready to transform your Wednesdays into a haven of creativity?

  • Reserve your spot and let the Winter Woden’s Days be your canvas for self-discovery and creative exploration.

Unlock the artist within – Join the 8-Week Creativity Immersion now! 🚀

Meet Your Creative Guide – Adam Jun

As the former Art Director and General Manager at The People’s Improv Theater in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Adam Jun not only cultivated a space for creativity but also fostered a vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts.

His leadership and passion for creativity in all its forms have left an indelible mark on the Join Adam on this transformative journey, where laughter meets introspection, and creative superpowers are awakened. Embrace the spirit of “if you want to create, create,” and let Adam be your beacon through the 8-Week Creativity Immersion.

$75 covers all 8 weeks. The book, “Wired to Create”, needs to be purchased separately.