Annemarie Adams

Annemarie Adams

To me the physical world is a veil that falls in front of the energetic world. And the energetic world plays with us constantly. I love to watch and listen for the signs it sends us.

When I take photographs I look for an essence that can be brought forward: a set of colors, a pattern, a texture, a contrast. I see that essence as a piece of art that can be made out of the composition of the photo. Sometimes the details are essential and at other times a distraction. I use different artistic styles to bring out the essence I see.

I’ve had a lifelong love of photography that includes professional work directing commercial photo shoots.

Giving back

It’s been a dream of mine to support music educators.

My Italian ancestors were classically trained musicians. I started learning Spanish classical guitar at age 8 and in high school, band was my refuge. In mid-life, I took classical voice lessons and was later accepted into the Madison Symphony Chorus, where I’ve been singing since 2014.

I wear another hat in the music world, as host of a morning radio show. On-air I’m Ava Borelli, host of Ava Borelli’s Classical Jukebox on WORT 89.9 FM ( our local volunteer-powered community radio station. Together with my co-host Walter, we are on WORT FM each week combining classcial pops, film scores and mashups with banter, musician interviews, entertainment news and music history. None of this would have been possible without my music teachers.

To pay it forward, a portion of proceeds go to the Madison Youth Choir and the Save the Music Foundation.

My sense of affinity for The Big Easy runs deep, so a portion of the proceeds from the sale of New Orleans art goes to Youth Rebuilding New Orleans.

Thank you for supporting my small business and being part of this journey to bring music and purpose into the lives of many.