Three reasons to join a coworking space (besides the space)

A few weeks ago I was heading from home to a Capital Entrepreneurs meetup on a hot summer day. I had my bag and bike and for a moment, I wished I had an office downtown where I could stash my things and tidy up before heading into the event. Then I remembered that I did — 100state. I don’t work from 100state’s coworking space every day, or even most days, as I prefer the quiet of my home office.

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Lets Keep Building

Let’s Keep Building Madison

LetsKeepBuilding inspired Madison to continue building our community. On March 14th, 2015, 100state hosted the LKB Mixer: “Here To Build.” LetsKeepBuilding is a marketing company from New York that has moved to Madison and is now apart of the 100state community. Their principles are building people, building products and building communities. The event showcased 100state members who are building awesome things for the Madison.

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What we want to accomplish in 2015

step one: make to-do list   Just like every other new years resolutioner hitting the gym hard for the first three weeks every January, 100state has its own goals it wants to accomplish in 2015. This year, 100state is focusing on engaging our members more, providing more educational opportunities and adding overall value to the…
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How to join 100state in 5 easy steps

by Kelsey Gockenbach So, you’re thinking about joining the hottest new non-profit in Madison but not sure what it entails? Maybe you’ve come to one of their many events, heard about them through a friend or stumbled upon them in the news and they’ve peaked your interest. As a freshly minted member of 100state, I…
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96square Reciprocal Membership

96square is a great coworking and community space in Milwaukee. We’ve worked with them in organizing a couple great MKE/Madison events over the past couple months. (Field trip #1, field trip #2) One of the outcomes of these events was an idea to let our members be their members and vice versa. So, that’s happening.…
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Guest Post from our Edgewood practicum team

The Edgewood team and Conley Here’s a summary of their analysis:With a company who views its core value as community involvement, it was difficult to look at this company and show what it is all about. 100state is a small start up business located right of Madison’s Capital square. They add value to the Madison…
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