NFT blockchain event at 100state (June 2021)



100state is supported by our membership dues, annual gifts from our loyal sponsors, and also run various strategic fundraisers throughout the year to support our operating budget and long-term growth initiatives.

100state is a 501(c)(3) coworking community striving to create a home for problem-solvers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and startups. Since its founding in 2013, 100state’s mission has been to provide a space where people driven by innovation and collaboration come together to cultivate cutting-edge business ideas, service projects, art expositions and thought leadership to advance both the Madison community and the larger world.

We provide educational resources, events, mentorship, and more to Madison-area businesses, startups, college students and local artists. Over the years, 100state has evolved to become a leader in the Madison entrepreneur ecosystem, consistently proving itself a hub for individuals, startups and businesses to find opportunities, connections and success.

As Madison and the world face new challenges emerging from the pandemic, we at 100state are continuing to evolve to further support the entrepreneur and business communities we serve.

Like many businesses, we faced new and unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of our efforts to stay afloat, we were forced to move our 100state offices and reimagine the scope of 100state’s services to both our members and our community.

We have aspirations for growth and evolution, and we are eager to continue providing a home for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators from the Madison community. One of our co-founders, Joseph Sweeney, even returned to the Executive Director role in order to help us weather the storm of the pandemic and its profound effects on our organization.

We believe that now more than ever, a community like 100state is needed to help provide a home for this community of problem-solvers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have been trapped at home, staring at Zoom screens, or working in isolation throughout the pandemic.

As a result, your donation to 100state is coming at a critical juncture in our organization’s history: we need your support to help stabilize our operating budget, thereby extending our financial runway so we can survive and reclaim our place as one of Madison’s most innovative and creative communities. We see before us an opportunity to not only survive the pandemic, but to gain meaningful market share and establish a permanent place in the Madison startup ecosystem.

Thank you for whatever donation amount you can give to ensure our survival, and for sharing this campaign widely with those in your networks, both online and off.