Meg Brewer

Community Director

Meg, originally from Cedarburg, WI, came to Madison to pursue a degree in Journalism and Communications. While in school, she began a freelance career focusing on digital marketing for startup companies. That is when she found her passion and drive in expanding Madison’s entrepreneurial scene. Upon graduation, she joined 100state full time as the community manager. As part of this role, she maintains a 100state sense of community, runs the day-to-day operations of the space, develops creative marketing strategies, and manages all events that happen within the space. In September 2017, Meg broadened her role and took over as the Art Director at 100state. She leads the Artist in Residency program and as part of this initiative, curates multiple art shows each year, featuring local artists. Meg currently holds the role of Community Director. As Community Director, she works to create a welcoming, dynamic, and collaborative environment at 100state for both members and guests. Outside of work, Meg loves live music, being outdoors, and enjoying time with her pup, Maya!