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Embrace the Power Within You

Andrea has worked with high performing women with a track record of accomplishments.  Yet when the professional façade comes down, they tell her a different story.  They may look successful, but internally they’re cycling between feeling on top of the world and crushed by self-doubt.

Andrea wants to help women off the emotional roller coaster and into a steady state of self-confidence.  That’s why she created her signature workshop, Embrace the Power Within You.  Through her 4-part framework and simple reflection exercises, Andrea shows audience members how they can feel more confident by turning their focus inward.

You will walk away from this interactive session with:

  • The reason your jobs and coworkers play such a huge role in your self-confidence.
  • An overview of 4 areas where traditional career advice keeps you emotionally unstable, with reframes to help you feel more confident.
  • A 5-minute exercise you can use every morning to tap into an unwavering feeling of self-confidence.

This isn’t just a talk – it’s an experience. Andrea mixes teaching with self-reflection to enable every participant to feel something new within them. You will leave feeling more empowered and inspired to share yourself with the world.

About Andrea Andree

Andrea did everything she thought a successful woman is supposed to do: go to college, get a job, and set her sights up the corporate ladder.  After multiple jobs and a Masters in Engineering, she got to a point where she realized – none of it felt good to her.  Not only that, but a little voice inside was whispering: “if you stay on this path, you won’t live up to your highest potential.”

She finally realized her highest potential wasn’t found in her certifications or achievements.  Her highest potential was already inside of her, waiting to be released to the world.

She is now passionate about helping working moms turn within themselves and learn how to live more fulfilling, purposeful lives.


May 21 2024


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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17 S Fairchild St Madison, WI 53711