Intro to Stand-Up Comedy

Step into the spotlight with confidence and humor! This “Intro to Stand-Up Comedy” course is designed to be the only stand-up comedy class you’ll ever need – one and done!

Whether you’re an aspiring comedian or just looking to enhance your public speaking and storytelling skills, this class offers a comprehensive and supportive environment for you to develop and refine your comedic voice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Practice Performing: Gain experience performing in front of a live audience, helping you build stage presence and confidence.
  • Writing Jokes: Learn the art of joke writing, from crafting punchlines to creating setups that leave your audience in stitches.
  • Personal Style: Tap into your unique perspective and subjective sense of humor. We’ll help you express your comedic ideas in a way that resonates with your style and audience.
  • Supportive Environment: Benefit from a supportive and constructive atmosphere where you can experiment, receive feedback, and grow as a comedian.
  • Learn  the local Madison open mic scene. Who, what, when, where, and a personalized plan of attack.

Whether you dream of performing on stage or simply want to add humor to your everyday life, this class is your gateway to becoming a confident and compelling comedian.

Your Facilitator

Adam Jun

As the former Art Director and General Manager at The People’s Improv Theater in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Adam Jun not only cultivated a space for creativity but also fostered a vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts.

His leadership and passion for creativity in all its forms have left an indelible mark. Join Adam in this 8 week journey into comedy and how to perform stand-up in a fun supportive community.

An 8 week session runs every Sunday; July 14th – September 1st

6pm – 7:30pm

Self Investment $225



Jul 14 2024


6:00 am - 7:30 pm

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17 S Fairchild St Madison, WI 53711