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Embrace Your X factor

Embrace Your X-Factor and Overcome Imposter Syndrome 

Are you an entrepreneur or creative professional who wrestles with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or the feeling that you’re not living up to your potential? You’re not alone. Many successful creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners face these internal obstacles on their journey to fully embracing their impact and unique authentic path.  But if left unchecked, these internal obstacles can prevent you from enjoying your unique journey and your success. This immersive workshop will delve into practical and proven strategies to uncover and overcome your unique limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and unique fears that can hold you back the most, and ultimately prevent you from enjoying your success and living the life you want to live.

Key Workshop Takeaways:

  • Uncover your top limiting beliefs and unique fears that lead to self-sabotage, immense stress and burnout
  • Create practical mindset strategies to overcome your top limiting beliefs to transform stuck and wasted energy into supporting your unique path
  • Learn how your unique shadows and fears have the power to leverage your unique gifts and greatest strengths
  • Practice authentic leadership embodiment strategies to transform your shadows and fears into your greatest gifts
  • Connect with other like-minded impact leaders, entrepreneurs and creative professionals to harness the power of community and authentic connection.

Meet the Presenter

Zach Ketterhagen

Zach is an authentic leadership coach, psycho-spiritual transformational coach, and psychedelic integration specialist. Zach works with impact leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals to help them unlock their unique healing and empowerment journey, and forge their unique path to their highest impact.

For the past 15+ years Zach has been blessed to have studied and practiced with world renowned leaders of yoga, meditation, tantra, total wellbeing, business, purpose & drive, systems integration, psycho-spiritual transformation, psychedelic integration, and more. Zach pulls from his unique background in total wellbeing, ancient wisdom, and impact leadership to help his clients awaken and accelerate their authentic leadership embodiment journey.

He brings an immense amount of energy and passion to his leadership coaching programs, teachings, speaking engagements, and entrepreneurial ventures to inspire his clients, customers and community to embrace their Highest Self.

He currently coaches clients all over the US and lives in Madison, WI with his wife and two sons. Learn more at ZachKetterhagen.com


Feb 01 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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17 S Fairchild St Madison, WI 53711